YMCA of Greater Toronto Recognized as One of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People

January 19, 2021

TORONTO – January 19, 2021 – For the 12th year in a row, the YMCA of Greater Toronto has been selected as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People. This award recognizes the YMCA as one of Canada’s best workplaces for young people starting their careers. Currently, 40% of the YMCA of Greater Toronto’s employees are under age 30. The employers on this list are Canada’s leaders in attracting and retaining younger employees to their organizations.

a YMCA employee wearing a mask and holding a sign that says better times are ahead

The charity is committed to creating a positive workplace experience for its employees that allows them to shine, and proactively opening doors for young people so they can enter the workforce and grow professionally. The YMCA strives to reduce potential barriers to employment, provide development opportunities for high-potential employees, and encourages continued education to help employees advance within the organization.

The YMCA recognizes that requiring three references from a young person, without any prior work history, can inadvertently create barriers during the hiring process. Candidates are therefore allowed to submit voluntary, committee or school references in addition to employment references, to showcase their skills and experience through alternate avenues.

Through the YMCA’s Staff Development Fund, employees are encouraged to explore professional development and further their education and training. Both full- and part-time employees at the YMCA can apply for partial education reimbursements from the Fund for specialized courses and university and college programs.

“At the YMCA of Greater Toronto, we are committed to providing a great workplace environment where young people can enjoy their work, make a difference in their community, grow in the process and ultimately, shine,” says Medhat Mahdy, President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Toronto. “We are tremendously proud to be selected as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People once again. We are motivated now more than ever to support young people as they face even greater career challenges because of the pandemic.”

The YMCA of Greater Toronto offers a range of employment opportunities for a variety of roles including early childhood educators, fitness professionals, employment counsellors, camp counsellors and outdoor educators at 450 locations across the Greater Toronto Area. With a healthy and enriching environment, staff are able to fuel their passion with fulfilling work that helps the charity achieve its mission.

About the YMCA of Greater Toronto

The YMCA of Greater Toronto is a charity that ignites the potential in people, helping them grow, lead and give back to their communities. For over 165 years, the YMCA of Greater Toronto has provided opportunities for people to shine through a variety of programs and services including health and fitness, licensed child care, camps, employment and immigrant services, education and training, and services for youth, families and seniors. Serving diverse communities across the Greater Toronto Area with kindness, well-being, integrity, inclusiveness, respect and optimism, last year the YMCA made more than 700,000 connections across 450 locations. For more information visit ymcagta.org.

2021 Competition

Now in its 19th year, Canada’s Top Employers for Young People is an editorial competition that recognizes employers offering the nation’s best workplaces and programs for young people starting their careers. Winners of the competition are chosen by the editorial team at the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project on the basis of the programs and initiatives they offer to attract and retain younger workers. These include benefits such as tuition assistance and co-op or work-study programs. The editors also examine each employer’s mentorship and training programs, including benefits such as bonuses paid on completing trades or professional designations. The editors also review each employer’s career management program, looking for initiatives that help younger workers advance faster in the organization.

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