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The Youth for Youth Gambling Education Program (Y4Y) is a provincial education and prevention initiative, funded by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) that is designed to empower young people to raise awareness on underage gambling, problem gambling and the support resources available. The Y4Y program engages adolescents (aged 15-18) and young adults (aged 19-24) through a gambling education competition.

The Youth for Youth Gambling Education Program is grounded in the following three approaches:

  • Gambling Neutral: We don’t make value judgments regarding gambling rather we see it as an activity people may or may not choose to engage in.
  • Balanced Perspective: Discuss both the positives and negatives of gambling and how they impact our community and self.
  • Harm Reduction Approach: Like many activities we participate in, gambling contains some risk. Gaining accurate knowledge about gambling and learning positive play strategies can help reduce the risk associated with gambling.

The Youth 4 Youth Digital Media Contest will empower and encourage young adults (aged 18-24) to use their talent and creativity to raise awareness among their peers on the topics of gambling and gaming. Participants will develop a short educational video or poster (or both!) to raise awareness on these topics.

Contest participants are not expected to be an expert on the topic of gambling! Upon registration, they will be provided with resources. Submissions can be in English or French. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of contest organizers and youth (aged 15-18) to select the Top 5 contestants. The shortlisted finalists will then be voted on by the public, which will assist the Y4Y Team in selecting the Top 3 poster and video submissions. Finally, the Top 3 Submissions will be shown to groups of youth across Ontario, to select the first, second and third place winners. 

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Poster Submission Prizes:           Video Submission Prizes:

First place: $500 First place: $2,000
Second place: $300 Second place: $1,250
Third place: $200             Third place: $750

Y4Y Award Ceremony

Participants of the Y4Y Digital Media Contest were recognized and celebrated at the annual Y4Y Award Ceremony on the evening of June 11, 2020. The Award Ceremony not only celebrates the accomplishments and hard work of contestants, but also acknowledges the efforts made by community partners, contest organizer jury members and youth jury members. It is an opportunity to bring together and celebrate youth from across the province.

Contest Information

2020 Video Winners

2020 Posters Winners

2019 Winners

2018 Winners

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Youth use digital media to shine a light on gambling. Meet our contest winners!

Ways to Participate.

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Ages 15-18

• Take an active role and join the Youth jury to help shortlist 5 submissions! Youth jury participants will receive compensation for their participation as a jury member. If interested, please email the contest organizer at: y4y@ymcagta.org

• Vote for your favourite video during the public voting period!

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Ages 18-24

• Register with your intent to participate in the contest and showcase your digital skills by creating a 60-90 video on the contest topic.

• Participate in the public voting process by voting for your favourite video.

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Community Partners

• Help us promote the contest to those you might think are interested.

• Join the Contest Organizer’s jury and help us shortlist the top 8 videos and provide valuable feedback to participants!

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