Free 2-Week Pass to Try the Y

The healthy way to support your community

When you join the Y, you're not just saying yes to top-notch facilities, great workout programs, family-friendly activities, and knowledgable staff; you're showing your support for a charity that's been building healthy communities for over 160 years.

What does a YMCA membership get me?

  • Access to nine Centres of Community across the GTA with swimming pools, running tracks, fully outfitted conditioning rooms, workout and spin studios, and so much more.
  • A complimentary mYfitness orientation to help you find the equipment you need and learn what classes suit you best.
  • Unlimited group fitness classes! Choose from over 90 classes weekly, all included in your membership.
  • Motivated staff on call to assist you with equipment, recommend new programs, and answer all of your questions.
  • Access to your gym 365 days a year. Exact hours of operation vary by location, but we open early and close late so you can fit fitness into your busy schedule.
  • The pride of knowing that all your hard work at the gym is in support of a good cause! When you break a sweat at the Y, you Sweat For Good: it's your show of support for all the social good the Y makes possible.

Membership options and fees

Each of our Health & Fitness centres is unique, just like the communities they serve, so visit your centre's page for details on the packages and prices offered there. You can find your local centre via the map below:

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YMCA Health & Fitness Terms and Conditions

Looking to visit us just for the day? We've got guest passes available:

  • $16 for individuals age 16 and up
  • $7.50 for individuals age 15 and under

If you're visiting with one of our members, discount day pass rates apply:

  • $12 for individuals age 16 and up
  • $5.50 for individuals age 15 and under