Our Generous Donors

We're proud to introduce some of the inspiring change makers whose support gives people opportunities to overcome barriers and change their lives for the better.

Inspiring donors who give time and again

From those who make monthly contributions, to those who build on significant legacies with multiple major gifts, some of our most extraordinary donors give to our charity again, and again. These repeated gifts — big and small — mean the Y can make a sustained impact across our communities in the long-term.

Two of our City Builder families are shining examples, stepping up with significant increases to their already-extraordinary gifts. Our deepest thanks to Jenifer and Steve McDonald, and David Green, Daphne Wagner, and Lita and Michael Green for repeatedly investing in the healthy infrastructure our communities need to shine.

Steven and Jenifer McDonald

Jenifer and Steve McDonald

"We have been so impressed with how the Y has managed through the pandemic. We wanted to show our support for all of that hard work. New Ys offer a broader and deeper footprint, and fill a big service gap. It’s important to us to support that.”

Each additional gift made by these transformational donors helps bring the new McDonald Family YMCA to life, expanding access to essential services and providing safe spaces where neighbours can gather to make new connections, nurture old ones, and ignite their community spirit.

Wagner Greens

David Green, Daphne Wagner, and Lita and Michael Green

“The Y’s response to COVID-19 was easy to support — we were very impressed by every way the Y has stepped up. Everyone sees how problems are being exacerbated and that inequities have widened even more. We want to support the Y in narrowing the gap.”

Thanks to David, Daphne, Lita, and Michael's incredible and repeated support, thousands of youth will find emergency shelter and wraparound support at The Wagner Green YMCA. Formerly known as the Vanauley Street YMCA, we renamed this shelter and drop-in centre to honour the family’s transformational gifts to our Strong Start, Great Future Capital Campaign.

Rising To The Challenge

Our amazing donors give people chances to overcome barriers and change their lives for the better. In our latest Gratitude Report, meet some of these inspiring supporters, hear why they give, and learn about the pressing challenges they're stepping up to address.