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Leadership Camps
(Ages 13-16)

(Wilderness Adventure Programs)

Our Leadership Programs offer incredible experiences for teens to help them improve their confidence, communication skills and independence. Participants will leave these programs inspired to better themselves and the world around them!

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Junior Leadership

All junior programs are intended to bridge between camper and leader. A variety of elements from the overnight camper experience are still present in this introductory leadership program, with additional learning and responsibilities added. Campers will begin developing self-awareness to understand their own strengths and struggles. Participants will be encouraged to act as role models at camp on a daily basis. Junior Leaders will participate in placements to help teach skills or facilitate activities for younger campers.


Intermediate programs have a greater focus on group development and performance. Groups will examine topics like group formation, communication and conflict resolution, and healthy group dynamics. Participants are expected to take responsibility for themselves and others to ensure that learning objectives and positive experiences are achieved. Small group success on the out-trip is a main component for learning and performance in these programs.

Senior Leadership

Senior programs aim to prepare participants for leadership in all areas of their lives. Senior programs focus on planning, delivery, and evaluation of programs, camp or community initiatives, and the out-trip. Skills are practiced during placements around camp, working with cabins or support departments, and on the canoe trip.

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