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Subsidy Guidelines for Summer Programs

We are proud to work with six municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area to enable families currently receiving municipal childcare subsidy to apply their fee assistance towards Summer Day Camp experiences for their child(ren).

Regional Subsidy Guidelines

Prior to beginning your child(ren)'s registration please read the guidelines below to ensure you meet the specific criteria that has been set by the municipality you are receiving your child care municipal subsidy from. When choosing Day Camp programs for multiple weeks, we encourage you to select a variety of programs.

Dufferin, Durham, Halton, Peel & York Regions
  • Families may register their camper for Day Camps or Licensed Summer Break Programs, however please allow two weeks for our Member Service team to confirm your registration with the Municipal office.
  • In order to see which Summer Day Camps are accessible to you build your Day Camps Guide, and by putting in your postal code you will see the locations near you. You can click on your Extended Hours location to see where those locations bus to as well!

Toronto Region
  • Families registering for Day Camp or a Licensed Child Care program using City of Toronto Child Care Fee Subsidy must have an active registration in a Child Care or Before and After School Program in the City of Toronto.
    • In order to register for Day Camps or Licensed Summer Break Programs , your child must attend both AM and PM Extended Hours, for the entire summer.
    • In order to see which Day Camp locations your Before/After Extended Hours buses to, when you build your Summer Guide put in your postal code and click on your Before/After Extended Hours location.
    • Busing is not available for Licensed Summer Break Programs.
  • If your child is 4 or 5 years old, they can only be registered in a Licensed Summer Break program at their current Child Care or Before and After School program location.