Our Funding Model

The YMCA's operations are made possible through a sustainable model that mixes revenue from philanthropy, government funding, and fee-for-service programs. This is a standard funding model that many other charities use as well, including universities and hospitals.

Investments from different levels of government illustrate that the YMCA of Greater Toronto is a trusted charity that delivers essential programs and services. However, government funding does not cover some of the key initiatives we need to offer for our communities to reach their full potential.

Every private philanthropic dollar that goes towards building new YMCA Centres of Community not only helps leverage government support; it also inspires others to give and help build more equitable neighbourhoods equipped with healthy infrastructure and essential services.

Philanthropy has an important role to play in making the GTA one of the best places to call home. We believe the future is bright, but we also know some of our neighbours are falling behind. It’s up to the true leaders in our region to pave a path everyone can follow towards a stronger, more connected community.

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