Vaughan Metropolitan Centre YMCA

Partnering to support a new community

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) YMCA will provide a wide range of services and programs to support the physical, social, and mental health of people living and working in this growing community. This incredible new, 77,000 sq. ft. facility will include YMCA Health and Fitness, Child Care, and Camps programs.

Co-located with a City of Vaughan public library and performing arts centre, this new YMCA will be immediately adjacent to the new terminal station of the Toronto-York-Spadina subway extension (Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station).

About the project

The City of Vaughan approached the YMCA of Greater Toronto when it recognized a need for community facilities and healthy infrastructure to support its high-density plan for their emerging downtown, called the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC).

The VMC, which will be home to 25,000 people, will include more than 12,000 residential units (at least 35% of which will be affordable housing), as well as a library and office towers. The mixed-use development is expected to add at least 5,000 office and 1,200 retail and service jobs to the neighbourhood by 2031.

We will maximize our impact through a combination of community-specific programs and unique partnerships: our YMCA Centre of Community model involves co-locating programs and/or services wherever possible in order to better serve the needs of each community.

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre YMCA is part of our ambitious Strong Start, Great Future Campaign to build new YMCA centres of community across the GTA.

Latest news

June 20, 2017: The YMCA of Greater Toronto is excited to announce the official groundbreaking of our new, 77,000 sq. ft. Vaughan Metropolitan Centre YMCA.

August 2016: The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre YMCA project is announced as part of a mixed-use tower that will also include offices, a public library, community spaces, retail shops and services, and subway access.

How it's funded

As part of the YMCA’s $350M capital investment in the Greater Toronto Area, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre YMCA will be funded through contributions from the City of Vaughan (67%) and a combination of funds from the YMCA and donations from the community (33%). For information about donating or raising funds to support the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre YMCA, contact the Fundraising team at

Frequently asked questions

The facility will be located adjacent to the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre TTC station, near Highway 7 and Jane Street.

Designs and program offerings are still being determined but will include Health & Fitness, Child Care, and Camps.

We use a combination of research and community engagement to design buildings and programs to meet current needs and complement the programs and services provided by other Y centres in the area. As this project develops, we will work closely with residents, officials, and businesses in the community to determine a program delivery model that meets local needs and interests.

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