Group Fitness Classes

Sweat For Good

Motivating routines taught by exercise experts

Included in your monthly membership, our group fitness classes take the guesswork out of your exercise routine so you can tackle your fitness goals in record time. Certified instructors will guide you through moves crafted to build endurance, strength, and flexibility. With upbeat playlists, fun-loving classmates, and inspiring teachers, group fitness classes are guaranteed to get you excited about hitting the gym!


  • With hundreds of classes running every week, we guarantee you'll find one you love!
  • Our carefully trained instructors help you choose between easier and more challenging variations, so each class is do-able for members of any age and fitness level.
  • Drop your kids off in our dedicated child minding area and enjoy your class knowing they’re being cared for by our carefully trained staff and volunteers.

Our core programs, offered at all of our centres:

  • A water-based fitness class that incorporates cardio, muscle conditioning and stretching.
  • Water can be used to offer the level of intensity that is right for you. Participants must be comfortable in deep water in order to participate in 68" classes.
  • Water depths indicated on the schedule may be adjusted slightly at the discretion of the instructor.
AquaFit - Strength
Muscle conditioning class using a variety of water-appropriate equipment as well as water resistance.
Aquafit - Stretch
Primarily focuses on flexibility and relaxation
  • A fitness class that offers an efficient workout for your entire body.
  • Classes are based on interval training, utilizing segments of cardio, muscle conditioning and flexibility exercises.
  • Agility, balance and coordination exercises may also be incorporated. Various types of equipment may be used.
This ballet-inspired fusion class combines elements of Pilates, dance and muscle conditioning training. Using a ballet barre, bands, and balls, you'll improve your balance, stability, strength, and coordination. Watch our Barre video to get a taste of what's in store!
BodyFit - Run
Cardio segments involve running, interspersed with muscle conditioning and agility segments will provide participants with a full-body workout
BodyFit - Walk
Cardio segments involve walking, interspersed with muscle conditioning and agility segments will provide participants with a full-body workout.
Interval-based exercises with shorter, more intense segments. Some exercises may be done with a partner. Move from station to station to complete a variety of cardio and muscle conditioning exercises for a total body workout. Stations utilize equipment and body weight.
  • A cardio-based choreographed workout with both high and low impact alternatives.
  • This class may incorporate movements based on boxing or dance, or utilize a step for variety.
  • Some muscle conditioning may be included at the end of class.
Dance-based moves focused around basic Latin dances, but may include other types including belly dance, Bollywood and more. Watch a YMCA Arriba Video.
CardioFit - Box
Boxing punches, kicks and other athletic drills are incorporated into this fitness class.
CardioFit - Step
A portable platform is used for choreographed routines and athletic drills. Platform height can be adjusted to vary the intensity of the workout.
CardioFit – Drum
Fun and innovative, this class combines music, fitness, rhythm and dancing. Using drumsticks and a stability ball, you keep the beat while you work up a sweat with choreographed and muscle conditioning moves. Guaranteed challenge and fun you can’t beat! Watch a YMCA CardioFit Drum Video.
  • A cardio and anaerobic workout on a stationary bike simulating hills and valleys, and timed athletic drills.
  • Participants can adjust tension on the bike to vary intensity.

Note: Classes indicated as (Theatre) are self-directed – Participants follow a DVD.

Learn how YMCA CycleFit classes not only keep our members physically healthy, but also help them build new connections and expand their horizons.

  • An instructional dance class that teaches basic dance moves and routines, with an emphasis on fitness, fun and individual creativity.
  • Styles vary by centre and include: Latin, Ballroom, Line Dancing, Belly Dance and more.
  • Classes that focus on muscle conditioning and may incorporate a range of fitness equipment such as hand weights, resistance tubing, stability balls, and gliders.
A muscle conditioning class using a barbell and weighted plates. Weights are adjusted during class to provide appropriate resistance for various muscle groups.
This class focuses on strengthening and building endurance in the muscles that support the spine. Participants may utilize various equipment including hand weights, resistance bands, etc.
A functional training class that incorporates a Gravity training machine (incline plane and pulley system), which provides participants with a muscle conditioning and anaerobic workout.
Using a weighted ball with handle (kettlebell) for resistance, this class focuses on exercises designed to challenge muscle strength and endurance, as well as providing cardio benefits. It is recommended that participants have experience with other types of MuscleFit classes prior to joining kettlebell. Watch a YMCA Kettlebell video.
A muscle conditioning class that focuses on flexibility and improving range of motion.
  • Pilates uses the principles of core strength, breathing and muscular integration to improve your posture, align your body, increase your strength and tone your muscles.
Pilates - Yoga
This class focuses on strengthening and building endurance in the muscles that support the spine. It also contains traditional yoga poses and exercises.
  • Increase flexibility, release tension, and allow the body and mind to connect. This class is an introduction to basic breathing techniques, postures and relaxation exercises. Instructors may specialize in a specific style of Yoga. We encourage you to speak with the instructor prior to the class in you need more information.

Local programs offered at select centres

Each YMCA centre is a little different, just like the communities they serve. Depending upon local needs and wants, each Y offers a wide range of customized programs designed to help community members stay active and healthy. Check out your local Health & Fitness program schedule to see the wide variety of local programs offered at your centre.

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