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Welcome to YMCA Camp Pine Crest!

Build lifelong friendships, connect with nature, and challenge yourself at YMCA Camp Pine Crest. Nestled on the shores of beautiful Clear Lake, YMCA Camp Pine Crest is situated on 650 acres in Muskoka, Ontario. Since 1910, it has provided exceptional outdoor camping experiences, with traditions that carry through today such as canoe trips, the Pine Crest Games, and much more! Our programs are for youth ages 5 to 16.

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Leadership Development Through Outdoor Pursuit

YMCA Camp Pine Crest is proud to offer an array of leadership development programs for youth ages 13 to 16. Choose from traditional or adventure programs to meet the needs of your child and ensure they are gaining the most from their camp experience. No prior leadership experience is necessary.

Traditional Leadership programs focus on the mastery of peer-teaching, interpersonal relationships, creative program development, and working with children in an in-camp setting. Adventure Leadership programs take participants to wilderness settings for the majority of their session, providing a solid foundation of low-impact camping practices, outdoor living skills and more advanced risk management strategies

For a comprehensive list of which Leadership Programs your child is eligible for, please check our How to Register page and click on the 'Overnight Camps' tab. Click here to download our information guide and learn more about these exciting opportunities!

Exciting activities that create lasting friendships.

  • Climb the multiple rope courses
  • Get in the water - canoeing, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling
  • Learn archery and build an outdoor shelter and fire
  • Practice photography, make music, perform a skit
  • Canoe trips as well as specialty hiking, whitewater canoeing, and sea kayaking trips
  • Travel across Canada with leadership programs

Our Experienced Staff

Our staff provide campers with the support, attention and the care they need while away from home. We have one of the highest staff-t-camper ratios in Ontario. Our caring staff possess:

  • Certification CPR and Standard First Aid
  • National Lifesaving Society qualifications
  • Police background check
  • A minimum of one week extensive training with ongoing training and coaching
  • Many of our staff were campers themselves and have experience working with children

Traditional Camp Programs

Our Traditional Camp programs offer a classic camp experience filled with friends, learning, and fun while participating in activities like swimming, archery, canoeing, rock climbing and more!

  • Three days, two nights of traditional camp experience
  • A special program for those ready to be away from home
  • Explore camp activities and discover what it means to be independent
  • Campers live in lodge cabins with indoor washrooms
  • All meals are provided
  • Introduction to out tripping with an out lunch on our property
2018 Dates & Fees
Pine Cones 1 August 13-15 $315
Pine Cones 2 August 15-17 $315
  • This program is designed with opportunities to experience as many of our activities as possible, while interacting with two week campers to gain an understanding of our longer programs.
  • Our one week campers sleep in lodge accommodations with indoor bathrooms.
  • All one week campers experience an overnight canoe trip on our property.
2018 Dates & Fees
Week 1 July 1-6 $945
Week 2 July 8-13 $945
Week 3 July 15-20 $945
Week 4 July 22-27 $945
Week 5 August 5-10 $945
Week 6 August 12-17 $945
Week 7 August 19-24 $945
Week 8 August 26-31 $945
  • Through a thoughtful balance of individual skill development and the small group experience, campers make lasting friendships while discovering the outdoors.
  • Our two week campers stay in cabins with nearby bathroom facilities.
  • The longer program allows time to develop skills chosen by the camper. Each camper chooses two skill areas to specialize in, from areas such as high ropes, kayaking, or archery.
  • Every camper participates in a 2-5 day canoe trip, depending on their age.
2018 Dates & Fees
Session A July 1-13 $1700
Session B July 15-27 $1700
Session C August 5-17 $1700
Session D August 19-31 $1700
  • Little Critters Day Camp is an outdoor, action packed, weekday program where our youngest campers will experience everything we can pack into the week!
  • Activities include:
    • Climbing
    • Daily swimming
    • Hikes
    • Crafts
    • Canoeing and kayaking
    • Boogie boarding and themed activities
  • Learn more about YMCA Day Camps in the Greater Toronto Area.
2018 Dates & Fees
Week 1 July 3-6 $168
Week 2 July 9-13 $210
Week 3 July 16-20 $210
Week 4 July 23-27 $210
Week 5 July 30 - Aug 3 $210 
Week 6 August 7-10  $168
Week 7 August 13-17  $210
Week 8 August 20-24 $210


Traditional and Adventure Leadership Programs

Our Leadership Programs offer incredible experiences for teens to help them improve their confidence, communication skills and independence. Participants will leave these programs inspired to better themselves and the world around them!

  • Designed for 14-year-olds interested in a 4-week session with more responsibility and skill development.
  • Provides an excellent transition from camper to leader.
  • Participants will complete an 6-day canoe trip and 3-day introduction to backpacking.
  • Peer teaching and self-awareness are major components of this curriculum.
2018 Dates & Fees
JLIT July July 1-27 $3475
JLIT August August 5-31 $3475
  • This program has a focus on increased responsibility and more intentional skill development.
  • Central to developing these skills is a challenging 14 day out trip that requires commitment from each participant to achieve the overall goals of the group. This trip consists of 7 days of backpacking and 7 days of canoeing.
  • Time spent in camp focuses on fun and challenging team activities such as group initiatives, special events, and placements in our camper program.
  • Participants in this program are expected to meet the high expectations of being a camp role model for younger campers and peers at YMCA Camp Pine Crest.
  • **Participants are eligible for PAI2O High School Credit
2018 Dates & Fees
LIT July** July 1-27 $4100
LIT August** August 5-31 $4100
  • This program is designed for our most mature participants with the aim of preparing them to be dynamic leaders in their community.
  • Guided by their Trainers, participants develop skills through a series of workshops geared towards:
    • Teaching how to work with children
    • Learning skills to work with others in various settings
    • Program planning and delivery
    • Trip leadership
  • Senior Leaders will complete a 5-day canoe trip to practice their trip leadership skills.
  • Placements throughout the session provide opportunity for practical learning with regular feedback from our counsellors, maintenance and kitchen teams.
  • This program provides leaders with the foundation to become strong individuals and potential staff members in our community. Senior Leaders have a major responsibility at YMCA Camp Pine Crest to be a strong role model, take an interest in their own development and give back to the camp community.
  • **Participants are eligible for IDC3O High School Credit
2018 Dates & Fees
SL July** July 1-27 $2725
SL August** August 5-31 $2725
  • Designed for campers who want to spend most of their session on an extended out trip.
  • An opportunity to learn and practice introductory leadership skills.
  • An introduction to extended out tripping, no previous experience required.
  • Build a solid foundation of tripping skills, including low impact camping, outdoor cooking and living skills, and advanced paddling or hiking skills.
  • Groups travel by van or train to the location of trip. All groups carry full first aid kits and satellite phones.
2018 Jr. Adventure Leadership Programs
1 Spanish River, July 1-13 ($1925)
  The Spanish River is located in Northern Ontario near Sudbury. Participants will paddle through some of the world’s largest red and white pine old-growth forest while learning about themselves and experiencing the challenges of whitewater paddling.
2 Georgian Bay Sea Kayak and Hike, July 15-27 ($1925)

Participants will explore the incredibly beauty of Georgian Bay, which is home to one of the world’s largest fresh water archipelagos. Georgian Bay offers spectacular views and clear crisp waters to play in. Participants will get the chance to explore both on the water and by foot with a combination of hiking and kayaking.

3 Noire River, August 5-17 ($1925)
  The Noire River, named for its dark, almost black water, is located in western Quebec. Originating south of the La Verendrye wilderness preserve, the Noire flows through rocky sections of the Canadian shield and meanders through sand valleys as it makes its way to the Ottawa River. Participants will gain confidence in their ability to paddle whitewater while learning what it means to lead.
4 Killarney Provincial Park, August 19-31 ($1925)
  Killarney Provincial Park is situated on the north shore of Lake Huron, on beautiful Georgian Bay. It is home to the incredible La Cloche mountains as well as several crystal clear deep lakes. Participants will refine their flatwater paddling and portaging skills while travelling through beautiful white quartzite cliffs and wind swept pines.
5 JLIT Adventure, July 1-27 (boys), August 5-31 (girls) ($3825)
  A unique opportunity for participants to develop skills and enjoy the beauty of Pine Crest while also being introduced to extended out tripping. This program begins with one week at camp, engaging in skill and program development. From here, the group travels to western Quebec and spends 14 days on the Coulonge River, where they are introduced to whitewater paddling skills. Finally, they return to Pine Crest for a final week of development and consolidation.
6 Petawawa River, July 8-27 ($2875)
  The Petawawa River flows through the northern end of Algonquin Provincial Park, and was named for its many rapids. This route has been travelled on for generations, where evidence of early travelers can still be found through stunning petroglyphs on breathtaking cliff faces. Participants will learn why this river is popular for its scenic and challenging travel while practicing their whitewater paddling skills.  
7 Whitewater Skills Clinic, July 1-6 ($950)
  This five day program is an introduction to white water paddling skills for 14-16 year olds. Participants will travel directly to the Madawaska River, where our highly trained instructors teach them to read and paddle whitewater.
Adventure Leadership Eligibility Chart
Born January 1, 2003 - Dec 31, 2003 Missinaibi River**, Quetico Provincial Park**, Bloodvein River**, Wabikimi Provincial Park**, WWC
Born Jan 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004 Ashuapmushuan River, Lake Superior Sea Kayak and Hike, WSC
  • Designed for campers who want to spend most of their session on an extended out trip.
  • An opportunity to develop more advanced leadership skills.
  • No previous experience required, our experienced trainers will prepare participants for the level of skill required.
  • Build a solid foundation of tripping skills, including low impact camping, outdoor cooking and living skills, and advanced paddling or hiking skills.
  • Participants who are entering grade 10 can register to earn a high school credit.
  • Groups travel by van or train to the location of trip. All groups carry full first aid kits and satellite phones.
  • **Indicates programs eligible for the PAI2O High School Credit
2018 Adventure Leadership Programs
1 Lake Superior Sea Kayak and Hike, August 5-24 ($2875)
Generally considered the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes and absolutely breathtaking in beauty. This adventure begins with seven days of sea kayaking along the north shore of Superior, from the town of Rossport to Thunder Bay. Here they will spend a few days hiking along the cliffs of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. An unforgettable trip with unbelievable views!
2 Missinaibi River**, July 1-27 ($3825)
  The Missinaibi River flows northeasterly from north of Chapleau to the Moose River in the James Bay lowlands. This mighty river offers one of the longest unimpeded stretches of wilderness rivers in Ontario. Participants will discover this river’s renowned beauty and whitewater when they begin in the town of Missinaibi at the height of land and paddle to the river’s end on the Moose River. From here they will paddle down the Moose River to the town of Moosonee, where they will take the Polar Bear Express back to Cochrane.
3 Wabakimi Provincial Park**, July 1-August 3 ($4500)
  In the heart of Northwestern Ontario, Wabakimi Provincial Park is a world class canoeing destination and home to countless exciting whitewater rivers. Participants will paddle stunning and challenging whitewater while navigating historic canoe routes through the Kopka and Allanwater rivers. Campsites offer incredible views of the night sky and the northern lights.
4 Bloodvein River**, July 22-August 24 ($4500)
  The Bloodvein River offers exciting, high volume whitewater through untouched Boreal wilderness. This stunning river is home to several rare and endangered species, such as the wolverine, osprey, bald eagle and woodland caribou. It is also known for the ancient pictographs that can be found on the river’s rocky cliffs. Paddlers will begin their travels in Red Lake, Ontario, where they will paddle through a series of lakes, creeks, and portages to reach the river and then journey through memorable whitewater to Lake Winnipeg.
5 Whitewater Skills Clinic, July 1-6 ($950)
  This five day program is an introduction to white water paddling skills for 14-16 year olds. Participants will travel directly to the Madawaska River, where our highly trained instructors teach them to read and paddle whitewater.
  • Our most advanced programs, for campers who want to spend most of their session on an extended and challenging out-trip.
  • An opportunity to develop and apply advanced leadership skills through in camp placements and on trip peer leadership.
  • Previous experience paddling whitewater is required for all whitewater trips.
  • Build a solid foundation of advanced tripping skills, including low impact camping, outdoor cooking and living, and navigational skills.
  • Groups travel by van, train or bush plane depending on the location of trip. All groups carry full first aid kits and satellite phones.
  • **Participants eligible for IDC3O High School Credit
2018 Sr. Adventure Leadership Programs
1 Woodland Caribou Provincial Park**, July 22-August 24 ($4400)
  Be a part of Pine Crest history as we explore this renowned wilderness. This extended flatwater canoe trip will travel through untouched Boreal wilderness, discovering what the park’s 2000km of canoe travel routes have to offer. True to its name, this park hosts one of the largest woodland caribou populations south of Hudson Bay. In addition to encountering rugged beauty and memorable wildlife, paddlers will also interact with the area’s heritage, discovering pictographs throughout the park and learning stories from the park’s first nation people. While previous experience is not required, it is recommended to prepare for the challenges associated with this route.
2 Albany River**, July 8-August 17 ($5550)

The Albany River is tied as Ontario’s longest river! What was once used a fur trading route by the Hudson Bay Company is now an exciting river for participants to hone their skills on. This northern river starts in Pickle Lake and ends in James Bay in Port Albany which was once a heavily used trading post of the Hudson Bay Company. Participants will have the opportunity to re-live the rich history of the river while mastering their whitewater paddling skills.

3 Hayes River**, July 15-August 31 ($6450)

The Hayes is the longest naturally flowing river in Manitoba (stretching 483km!) and played a very important role in Canada’s early fur-trading route, earning a designation as a Canadian Heritage River. Participants will have the chance to see a huge range of wildlife, including moose, polar bears, sturgeon, brook trout, wolverines, woodland caribou, bald eagles and beluga whales! As they paddle this river steeped in history, they will also have the privilege of engaging with Cree communities who are still settled in the area.

4 Harricanaw River**, July 22-August 24 ($4500) 
   Flowing North along the Ontario-Quebec border toward James Bay, the Harricanaw River is a classic Canadian travel route which strong historical links to the Algonquin people and the Hudson Bay Company. The river is well known for its whitewater paddling and adventurous canoeists travel the river every Summer. Participants should look forward to an awe-inspiring landscape where they can master skills and create memories. 
5 Whitewater Skills Clinic, July 1-6 ($950)
  This five day program is an introduction to white water paddling skills for 14-16 year olds. Participants will travel directly to the Madawaska River, where our highly trained instructors teach them to read and paddle whitewater.
High School Credit Eligibility Chart
PAI2O - Individual and Small Group Activity LIT (Leader in Training), Missinaibi River, Bloodvein River, Wabakimi P.P.
IDC3O - Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Leadership, Woodland Caribou P.P., Albany River, Heyes River, Harricanaw River
  • Curriculum expectations are built into the program, which means that participants are not required to complete additional work.
  • Participants must be registered for the credit PRIOR to their leadership program start date.
  • PAI2O (For Leadership-in-Training and Adventure Leadership programs at least 4 weeks in length)
    • This is a grade 10 open-level physical education credit with a special focus on individual and group activity.
    • This course emphasizes regular participation in a variety of enjoyable individual and small group activities that promote life-long healthy active living.
    • There are no prerequisites for this course.
  • IDC3O (For Senior Leadership and Senior Adventure Leadership Programs)
    • This is a grade 11 open-level Interdisciplinary Credit, combining Environment Management and Recreation Leadership courses.
    • There are no prerequisites for this course.

2018 Information Guides

Information guides answer all frequently asked questions about our programs. If a guide is marked (PDF) it is the full colour version including photographs. Plain text versions of forms are marked (Plain Text). Please e-mail camp.pinecrest@ymcagta.org for customer service accommodations.

2018 Leadership/Adventure Leadership Camps Information Guides (PDF) 2018 Leadership/Adventure Leadership Camps Information Guides (Plain Text) 2018 Camper Information Guide (PDF) 2018 Camper Information Guide (Plain Text) 2018 Family Camp Information Guide (PDF) 2018 Family Camp Information Guide (Plain Text)

2018 Registration Forms

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2018 Financial Assistance Application Form (Fillable PDF) 2018 Leadership Application Form (Fillable PDF) 2018 Family Camp Registration Form (Fillable PDF) 2018 Course and Alumni Registration Form (Fillable PDF) 2018 Camper Registration Form (Fillable PDF)

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Pine Crest Dreamers is a group of former Pine Crest campers and staff who enjoyed the magic of camp and want to share that joy with those who can't quite afford it. It's that simple.


How Does it Work?

We are asking a number of former Pine Cresters for a minimum $300 donation for the next 3 years to the Dreamers fund so that a few kids who most likely would not get to camp, will get to experience what we did back then. It's not complicated.

What Do I Get Besides A Warm Feeling?

You know your money is going to help youth feel the sense of belonging, and build a set of values that will carry them through life.

In this day of technology, time in nature and building strong, personal connections have never been more important. We all hold dear memories from our time on the shores of Clear Lake and sharing that with other young people who may not have the privilege of camp is our goal.

Oh yes, and of course a tax receipt is always a good thing!

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