Last Updated 03/15/2017

Weather-Related Program Closures and Cancellations: Communication Process - Effective 01/01/2017

Child Care Centres in schools

If it becomes necessary for the Boards of Education to make the decision to close schools and offices due to severe weather conditions (this does not include bus cancellations), this closure will also include all YMCA Child Care Centres and YMCA Before and After School programs located within a school. YMCA Child Care Centres and programs located outside of schools will also follow the same closure procedure.

It is recommended that you check for school closure updates through your local Board of Education’s website or the news outlet of your choice. YMCA-related closure information will also be posted here, and on our Twitter feed.

Other YMCA programs and services

Service interruptions related to individual YMCA facilities or programs will be posted here, and on our Twitter feed.

Last Updated 02/13/2018

Fraudulent Website - Effective 04/21/2016

It has come to the attention of the YMCA of Greater Toronto that the website, which bears our name, logo and association messaging, exists. The website is in no way affiliated with the YMCA of Greater Toronto.

If you are contacted by anyone who claims to represent the YMCA of Greater Toronto and uses this website in their contact details or reference materials, of if you have any other concerns about whether a website or correspondence is fraudulent, please contact us.

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