Strategic Plan

Strong Start, Great Future Strategic Plan

The YMCA of Greater Toronto is committed to making a real difference to the health of our communities by providing support to the neighbourhoods that need us the most.

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Reshaping neighbourhoods, creating healthy communities.

  • Generate more access to community and support services
  • Provide more opportunities for education
  • Help address social, economic and health issues

Our ten year strategic plan places special emphasis on supporting young people through their life-stage transitions. The need for a youth focus is strong – childhood obesity, youth unemployment, low-income prevalence, high-school dropout and illiteracy rates, and feelings of a weak sense of belonging / social inclusion issues are all in the double digits.

Fast Facts:

  • Childhood inactivity: 35% of 12-19 year olds report being inactive during their leisure time. 1 in 5 youth (aged 12-17) in the GTA are overweight or obese
  • Youth unemployment: 1 in 5 young people in the Toronto area can’t find work. Since 2000, the unemployment rate for 15-24 year olds has increased from 11% to 22%
  • Education and literacy: 18% of Canadian youth between 15 and 19 are not in education programs. Poor learning outcomes lead to poorer longer-term career and relationship prospects, and greater probability of long-term welfare dependence
  • Poverty: 3 in 10 children aged 18 and under in the Toronto area lives in a low-income household
  • Social Inclusion: 1 in 5 youth (aged 12-19) in the GTA report a weak sense of community belonging. Youth have the highest sense of belonging vs. other aged groups
  • A quarter of the GTA’s low-income population access YMCA programs and services
  • 50% of the health of the Canadian population can be attributed to education, income, social status, culture and gender, and employment and working conditions

Bringing more programs to more people in more communities.

In order to make a real difference in the health of our communities, we are building 10 new YMCAs in underserved neighbourhoods across the GTA.  Find out more: