How to counteract your afternoon energy dip

September 26, 2016

Feel like you lose steam and need a cat nap after lunch? These dos and don’ts will help you fight back against the two o’clock drop so you can power through your entire To Do list. Do:   Get moving Hitting the gym — or even just getting up from your desk and walking around […]

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Raising kids in the digital age & developing healthy technology habits

September 23, 2016

Last summer while my family was at amusement park, my daughter turned to my husband and asked “Why is Mommy always on her phone when we’re out and having fun? Is she bored?” I wasn’t bored, of course; in fact, I was texting and confirming dinner plans with my sister. But I was definitely on my […]

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How Puja pushed past her fitness plateau

September 21, 2016

Puja went through the same slump most of us do, where a trip to the gym just doesn’t seem worth it. But Lidia, her personal trainer, not only motivated Puja to get back in shape; she inspired the confidence and body positivity Puja wanted to have for her wedding and for the rest of her […]

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Your Support Counts
Mark, Participant, in front of YMCA Vanauley Street
Mark, Participant Feeling lost and alone, Mark found the support he needed to turn his life around.
Cooper Koo Family Cherry Street YMCA Building
Our New Y's It's about the impact, not the bricks and mortar.
Maria and Eric, Supporter
Maria and Eric, Supporter Their generous $500K donation will help bring a new Y to their east end community.

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