Meet Therese


Four years ago Therese couldn’t have imagined where she would be now. Admitted to the hospital for depression, and suffering from an illness that caused her chronic pain, she also suffered from severe social anxieties. But Therese’s life changed when she attended a support group at the YMCA – and on a whim, she decided to become a member.

“Joining the Y changed my life”, says Therese, explaining that almost immediately, she noticed how much better she felt after being there. Things didn’t seem as bad as they did before—she had hope.

Her first day at the Y she used a walker to get into the door. In her early days at the Y, Therese decided to get in the pool. Lap by lap, her physical abilities improved. And, day by day her emotional state started to shift as well. She was making friends. She had support. She was no longer alone.

In just four years, Therese has turned her life around. Now completely off her depression medication, the daily exercise has helped and her pain is gone. And, Therese has progressed from low-impact to high-impact exercise! She even participated in last year's YMCA 12 Hour Challenge!

She wants to help give more people the chance she had – to be healthy, stay active, learn to swim, and just have fun at the Y.

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