Ennis Family

Meet the Ennis Family


“I was always that kid standing on the side of the pool,” says Suzette, remembering what it was like being the only one who didn’t know how to swim. “So, I decided I was going to teach my kids.”

“My husband didn’t think we could afford it,” she explains, adding that when her friend told her about financial assistance, she went and signed up immediately. Her family have been members ever since.

Now, thirteen years later, the busy mother, her husband, Tony, and their seven kids, ranging in age from four months to 25 years old, have participated in so much more than swimming lessons at the Y. From dance to basketball, the kids are always staying active.

And during their activities, Suzette and Tony enjoy some “kid-free” time working out.

“The Y was there for our family. It was somewhere we could go to be together, have family time, and also have fun and be healthy at the same time.”

Every member of Suzette’s family has felt the Y’s impact, including her sons Tyler, who plays in the NBA for the Milwakee Bucks, as well as Dylan and Brandon, who both play college basketball in the States.

“It shows kids this is what can happen if you have a place like the Y to come do active things and keep healthy,” says Suzette of the vital role the Y played in her sons’ success.

“We all love coming,” she says.

“The Y is like a family.”

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