Meet Farhan


Six years ago, Farhan noticed a YMCA booth in his school. “My friends and I learned we could get our volunteer hours and signed up for YLC (Youth Leader Corps). After our first meeting, we realized it was more than just a group.”

For the 15 year old, YLC became “a friendship with the Y.” He made many friends and learned such skills as leadership, time management and public speaking.

After three years in YLC, Farhan moved on — out of high school and YLC, but not the Y. He participated in a youth exchange to Alberta, worked in YMCA Child Care and at a YMCA Employment and Newcomer Centre. This past summer, he was a recruiter with our Summer Job Service program.

Many years later, Farhan still credits YLC for preparing him for the next stage in his life — attending Ryerson University’s Business Management program. “YLC gave me skills that I didn’t learn in high school. It prepared me for life. It helped me grow up.”

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