Career Planning Success Stories

Phil’s Story

“What I received from the YMCA Career Planning program was far beyond my expectations. It gave me confidence, changed my view of myself and helped me find a rewarding career. I was recovering from a period of rehabilitation at the time of taking the program, and my self-esteem was very low. I had a great deal of doubt about my abilities and intelligence.

The counselling changed all that! I remember walking out of there feeling great about myself. I wasn’t as dumb as I thought!

Today, I am an instructor in the field of computer technology, a direct result of the counselling sessions. It is a really rewarding position for me. When I see a student’s eyes light up with understanding, I get a great feeling.

The YMCA Career Planning and Development program gave me a method for processing information, enabled me to properly research and meet my career goals and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my ambitions.”

- Phil T., College Instructor

Alex’s Story

“I recommend the career counselling program at YMCA to anyone who is looking to make a career decision whether it is to identify a career of interest or to change careers completely. The program helped me narrow my career choices to those that matched my work preferences and interests. I found the counselling sessions with my career counsellor very helpful and useful. She was positive, supportive and encouraging throughout the program. She helped me gain a better understanding of myself and coached me to a point where I felt confident to make a career decision.

Many thanks!”

- Alex C.

Dean’s Story

“I was working towards completion of a graduate degree in the neurosciences, and found myself perpetually dissatisfied with my day-to-day existence. I knew that such difficulties were not due to any inherent problem in my scholastic environment, but instead stemmed from within myself – something was amiss, but I was a little scared to figure out what the problem was.

I sought career counselling at the YMCA in the hope of shedding some light on the qualities within myself that I had been ignoring. The outcome has proved wonderfully enlightening: a discovery of many qualities that define ME, some I like and others I cannot stand, but are a part of me nonetheless.

This knowledge about myself has provided me with the impetus to choose a career path consistent with who I am and who I want to be, and the fear of such a change has evaporated. Life is constantly teaching us about ourselves, as we struggle to achieve balance and purpose. The YMCA Career Counselling has helped me greatly in this process. And it was a lot of fun to boot!”

- Dean W., Nursing Student