YMCA Cedar Glen - Trip Planning Guide

The information below will lead you through the steps to ensure a successful trip and provide links to additional resources.

Booking Confirmation (within 10 days after booking):

  • Return signed contract and the 25% deposit within 10 days of booking. If payment may take longer, please contact us to discuss alternate arrangements. Payments are accepted by the following methods:
  1. Cheques must be made payable to YMCA of Greater Toronto.
  2. Credit cards can be processed by phoning (905) 859-9622 ext. 227.
  3. Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) using CedarGlenFundsTransfer@ymcagta.org. Send an email to the same address including our name, YMCA Cedar Glen Outdoor Centre, the amount paid, and the invoice number.  
  • Select Outdoor Programming: If your group will be taking part in outdoor programming facilitated by Cedar Glen staff, please complete our online Program Request Form to provide details on your group and the purpose of the trip.

Group Preparations:

Prepare for the trip with the following resources:

  • Packing List: For outdoor programming, it is essential everyone is dressed for the weather. Please photocopy, distribute and review the Packing List with all participants.
  • Book Transportation: Arrange for transportation to Cedar Glen by booking a bus or making other arrangements.
  • Parent/Guardian Information: If you are a school or youth group, you may want to share information with parents or guardians:
  • Teacher/Chaperone Information – For groups participating in outdoor programming, please review the Teacher/Chaperone Letter and share with other leaders who will be coming on the trip.

Final Detail Confirmation (15 days prior):

Three weeks prior to your visit, we will be in touch to confirm the following details:

  • Number of youth and/or adult attending (including a gender breakdown for overnight groups)
  • Arrival and departure times
  • Special dietary needs
  • Details on visitors with special needs
  • Meeting room setup requests, for groups not participating in full outdoor programming

Please plan to collect this information in advance to send to us a minimum of 15 days before your booking. In order to accommodate last minute changes, the final invoice can be adjusted by up to 10%.

On the day of your arrival:

  • Directions: For directions to Cedar Glen visit: Find a Y
  • Arrival: Buses can proceed to our Main Lodge to drop off the group. There is plenty of room in our parking lot for guests arriving by car. Please check-in at the Main Lodge.

If you require more information, don’t hesitate to contact us

Frequently Asked Questions


    Whether you’re staying overnight or just visiting for the day, it is essential to dress appropriately for the weather and outdoor activities. When packing, the most important thing to know is that all programming takes place outdoors, rain or shine, barring thunderstorms or other extreme weather. In order to enjoy a comfortable experience, please review the Packing List available on our website.
    Overnight guests stay in two lodges that have several rooms connected by a hallway. Each room has two bunk beds, accommodating up to four guests, and a private washroom and shower attached. Bedrooms are booked based on four youth per room and two adults or teachers per room. For youth groups, teachers or chaperones stay in rooms adjacent to their group to provide overnight supervision. If booked in advance, single occupancy is available for adults at an additional cost.
    Arrival and departure times are flexible to meet your schedule, but check-in times for the bedrooms is 4:30 pm and checkout is 9:00 am unless you have arranged otherwise. This allows our housekeeping staff to clean the rooms during the day to prepare for the next group.
    Sports equipment is available in the Lobby of our Main Lodge. Please feel free to borrow it at any time and return when you’re done. Our Games Room in Glenview Lodge also offers pool, table tennis, and foosball. 
    Adult guests are welcome to go for a hike on our trails during their free time. Please check in at our Front Desk for a trail map and more details. We ask that you stay away from designated program areas, which are strictly off limit, and groups participating in programming with our staff.
    During the summer months, our swimming pools can be booked during non-peak times. Swimming must be booked in advance of your visit through our Program Request Form.
    This depends on the size of your group and the time of the year, but it is common to have more than one group visiting Cedar Glen at a time. Each group will be assigned to different areas of our lodge, have assigned table in the dining hall and will be in program groups only with your school or organization.
    If the majority of your group is youth, for example a school group, then yes everyone will need to bring their own pillow and sleeping bag or bedding. If the majority of the group is made up of adults then we are happy to provide linens. Please contact us if you are unsure whether linens will be included.
    Yes, a staff member is always on-call and available throughout the night if needed. The cell phone number is provided upon arrival. Our lodges are equipped with smoke detectors, fire alarm pull stations as well as emergency buttons.
    EMS paramedic services are located minutes away in the nearby towns of Nobleton, Schomberg and King City. The closest hospitals are:
  • Etobicoke General Hospital (24 km): 101 Humber College Boulevard, Etobicoke, ON M9V 1R8
  • Southlake Regional Health Centre (37 km): 596 Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2P9
  • Humber River Hospital (39 km): 1235 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, ON M3M 0B2
    Cedar Glen is not a licensed facility as we primarily serve youth groups. If your group is staying overnight, you may contact us to request permission to have alcohol at your event and then apply for a Special Occasion Permit from the LCBO. The application for a Special Occasion Permit can be found at: http://www.agco.on.ca/forms/en/1575_a.pdf.
    Our Main Lodge, Dining Hall, and several meeting rooms are at ground level and are wheelchair accessible. Our overnight accommodations also offer a wheelchair accessible bedroom and washroom. Please contact us to discuss any specific needs that guests may have.

Outdoor Programming

    Once you have booked at trip to Cedar Glen, you may then complete our Program Request Form. This allows you to let us know more about your group, the goals of your visit and to select activities that you’re interested in. This information will be used to create a tentative schedule that will be sent to you for review in advance for your trip. All outdoor programming, including swimming during the summer months, must be requested and booked in advance. We are happy to offer a full schedule of day and evening programming or we can work with you to plan a schedule that include your own programming and partial programming with YMCA outdoor education staff.
    Larger groups will be divided up into smaller program groups of approximately 15 participants. Each smaller group, led by a YMCA program facilitator, will rotate through the activities that are on the group’s schedule. For overnight groups, in the evening, we often come together for large group activities such as a field games or a campfire.
    No, waivers are not required for each participant. However, our Booking Contract includes an acknowledgement that you have:
  • (a) obtained the appropriate consent from parents or legal guardians if group members are minors.
  • (b) made group members and parents/legal guardians aware of the risks associated with outdoor or camp activities, and that by participating or allowing participation in these activities, they assume the risks associated with doing so.
  • (c) obtained the appropriate health history information of minors from their parents/guardians as needed, and that (s)he has obtained the appropriate authorizations for any emergency medical treatment.
    The leadership provided by teachers and chaperones is one of the most important factors for a successful visit. Although YMCA Cedar Glen staff will be responsible for providing all program, your participants are accustomed to looking to you for guidance and support. As such, we encourage teachers and chaperones to take an active role in program, providing a positive role model for participants as they challenge themselves to try new things. Being part of the experience will also assist in transferring ideas and lessons learnt by participants back to “everyday life” outside of Cedar Glen. In order to ensure a successful visit please review our Teacher/Chaperone Letter and share this with other adult leaders who will be on the trip.
    We don’t have a mandatory ratio of chaperones to youth, however, for programming we will be dividing into smaller groups of approximately 15 participants per group. We strongly encourage you to bring 1 adult for each group.
    We ask that participants come dressed for the weather and in a light rain we often continue with outdoor programming. In the event of a thunderstorm or severe weather, we have indoor spaces that we can move into while the storm passes. Our staff are always prepared with rainy day plans and indoor activities to keep the students engaged and learning.
    We have a diverse staff that comes to us with backgrounds in outdoor education, teaching, camping or other youth work. All of our program staff hold their Standard First Aid certification, complete a weeklong seasonal staff training and submit a Police Background Check.
    May programs can be adapted in order to create an inclusive experience and we can assist participants with mobility limitations by using an all-terrain vehicle to assist in moving between activity areas. Please contact us to discuss any specific needs that participants may have.

Meeting Facilities

    We offer a variety of large and small meeting facilities that are equipped to fit the needs of your trip. Meeting rooms are booked based on group size and can be setup in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the group – theatre style, round tables and chairs, or open space.
    If a group is not in outdoor programming with our staff, a beverage station with coffee, tea, and water will be available throughout the day and evening. We will also provide a morning, afternoon and evening snack that is brought to your groups meeting room.
    Our Lounge, Main Lodge and Lawson Building offer wireless internet. Look for the login and password posted on the wall of your meeting room. Upon request, your meeting room can be setup with a LCD projector, screen and portable speakers. You will just need to bring a laptop that can connect to a VGA cable. Lawson Building and the Lounge are equipped with a sound system as well.
    Each meeting room is equipped with flip chart paper, a white board and a container with markers and other supplies. Please use green painters tape or sticky tack if you are affixing anything to the walls. Upon request we can also provide rectangular tables, extension cords, power bars or a portable microphone.


    Breakfast: 8:00 am-9:00 am 
    Lunch: 12:30 pm-1:10 pm (or 11:30 am-12:10 pm) 
    Dinner: 5:30 pm-6:10 pm
    We are happy to accommodate most dietary requirements. Special meals are commonly prepared to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, Halal, lactose free and gluten free diets as well as other food allergies. We will contact you approximately two weeks before your trip to confirm any dietary needs prior to your visit. As a nut-aware site, we do not serve nuts, peanuts, or any products that may contain nuts from our kitchen. We ask groups not to bring nut products on site. A Halal meat option can be prepared if you let us know in advance of your visit.

    Meals include a hot entrée and side served by our staff at a buffet window. A salad bar or breakfast bar is available at each meal. Beverage options include water, coffee, tea, juice and milk.


    Main Course (1 item)

    Additional Options


    • French toast and breakfast sausage
    • Pancakes and hard boiled eggs
    • Waffles and breakfast sausage
    • Scrambled eggs and bacon
    • Breakfast sandwich with English muffins, egg and sausage

    A breakfast bar with cold continental items is available at every breakfast. This includes items such as cereal (Special K, Mini Wheats, Gluten Free Rice Krispies), bread, bagels, fruit salad, yogurt, syrup, jam, cream cheese, butter, and ketchup.

    Additional options might include oatmeal or home fries


    • Stir-fry with rice – Chicken, beef or veggie
    • Quesadillas – Chicken or veggie
    • Fajitas – Chicken, beef or veggie
    • Pasta w/tomato or alfredo sauce – Chicken, beef or veggie
    • Beef burgers & vegan burgers
    • Chicken burgers & vegan Burgers
    • Chili – Beef, turkey or veggie
    • Salad bar with mixed lettuce, veggies (tomato, cucumber, chickpeas, etc.), and salad dressings.
    • Fresh cut fruit such as melon, oranges and pineapple.
    • Additional options might include a bread roll, garlic toast or soup.


    • Lasagna – Beef or veggie
    • Quarter chicken w/ mashed potatoes and veggies
    • Chicken breast w/ roasted potatoes, veggies
    • Sheppard’s Pie – Beef or veggie
    • Fish w/ rice and veggies
    • Pizza – pepperoni, cheese or veggie
    • Salad bar with mixed lettuce, veggies (tomato, cucumber, chickpeas, etc.), croutons and salad dressings.
    • Additional options might include a bread roll or garlic toast.

    Dessert – Brownies, Rice Krispy squares, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, or popsicles.

    Our kitchen serves three nutritionally balanced meals each day as well as an evening snack and we have a vending machine on-site, so there is no need to bring any additional snacks or food. If you choose to bring snacks, we remind you, Cedar Glen is a nut aware site, so we ask that you do not bring any food that contains or may contain nuts. Unfortunately, we are not able to permit groups to bring bagged lunches or cater their own meals.