Diversity and Social Inclusion

Diversity and Social Inclusion

Our Strong Start, Great Future vision is that our communities will be home to the healthiest children, teens and young adults. To realize our vision, the YMCA of Greater Toronto is committed to broadening and deepening our work in diversity and social inclusion, reflecting the diversity in the GTA and supporting healthy transitions for children, teens and young adults as well as older adults across all the dimensions of diversity.

The YMCA of Greater Toronto recognizes and values Diversity and Social Inclusion as underpinnings of what we stand for and what we do. We regard the diversity of people and communities as assets and recognize their contribution to the social, political and cultural enrichment of the GTA and this Association.

As a socially inclusive YMCA, we ensure that diverse individuals and communities share in power, give voice effectively to their issues, are involved in decision-making processes and have fair access to information and services. We also challenge specific forms of exclusion, including systemic barriers.

The YMCA is focused on creating and sustaining a culturally competent organization that reflects the populations and communities we work with. Our commitment to diversity and social inclusion is reflected in our “Strong Start, Great Future” Strategic Plan.

“The YMCA will be an organization where all people are regarded as assets, where individuals and communities are able to access information and services, participate in and benefit fully from programs and employment, while sharing power, giving voice to their issues, and taking part in the decision-making process”.

“Renewed emphasis on diversity and social inclusion, in many cases with special emphasis on eliminating barriers to people with disabilities and individuals and families with low incomes. The YMCA will not only comply with new provincial legislation on accessibility but will energetically pursue its building blocks of access, choice, social inclusion, and prevention.”

YMCA Strategic Plan, “Strong Start, Great Future 2010-2020”

As an Association, the YMCA of Greater Toronto values both visible and non-visible dimensions of diversity. We have prioritized the following dimensions including age, gender, race, ethnicity, religious heritage, class, sexual orientation, sex, physical/mental ability, image and opinion.

Wheel diagram showing the facets of diversity